WordPress on Fasthosts.

Already having a website hosted by Fasthosts and having experienced no problems with their service I decided to host this blog with them as well, encouraged by the fact that I had a spare hosting package with 18 months left to run before it can canceled.

Googling for information how to install WordPress onto one of Fasthosts’ shared servers seems to show that it is nigh on impossible to achieve a working installation. However I’m glad to report that following WordPress’s five minute install instructions everything seems to be up and running, I was expecting to have difficulties with email notifications due to the need for all email scripts to set the “-f bit” in order to prevent spam, basically I think this means that all emails must be sent from or to an email address hosted on Fasthosts.

I solution seemed to be at hand in this article but as this requires altering some of the code within WordPress I was a little unsure and as it says this is a hack and may need to be repeated when you install a plugin or upgrade WordPress. I have found a simpler solution in the form of a plugin called configure-smtp which having been installed and configured means that WordPress is now able to send new user and comment notification emails.